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What is MobileCoat Liquidsafe Nano?

MobileCoat is a Liquidsafe Nano Coating that bonds to all internal and external components of a device on the molecular level. Our technology was specially engineered to protect the vital components of electronics from accidental liquid exposure to liquids. MobileCoat is 1000 times thinner than a human hair and does not affect the look, feel, or performance of your electronic device in any way. So until you need it you won’t even know it is there.

How does the Coating Work?

MobileCoat  bonds  the  Hydrophobic  Nano  Coating  to  the inside  of  your  device  on  a  molecular  level, into every nook and cranny, using  our  patented plasma  process.  This  Nano  Coating prevents liquid intrusion into  your  device and it  protects  the  all of the vital components inside  your  device  when they are  accidental  exposure to liquids.

 Every year, millions of electronic devices become victim to complete failure as a result of exposure to liquids and moisture. With your MobileCoated device you will be protected from spilled beverages, rain, puddles, accidental falls into the sink,  sweat and the occasional slip into the swimming  pool.


 MobileCoat  protects  your  device  against  accidental  exposure to  water  and  other  liquids.  It eliminates the need for a bulky protective case.  Our  technology  allows  us  to  coat  your  device without  even  opening  it  up and does not void the manufactures warranty. MobileCoat can be applied to the following types of devices:



  MP3  Players


  Bluetooth  Headsets

  Handheld  Gaming  Devices


  Portable Speakers 

  And more...



You  can have  your devices  MobileCoated  for   small  fraction of the cost  of  replacing  your  uncoated  device.

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